Magento hosting is a hosting solution that fully meets the requirements of e-commerce website written in Magento source code. Built on the Zend Framework and released worldwide for free. Magento is known as the most appropriate open source for building professional e-commerce websites. The Magento platform is suitable for any website of any size, so the choice of Hosting package depends only on the traffic that you expect. 


4$ / month
  • Storage: 2.000 MB
  • Bandwidth: 50 GB
  • IPv4: 01 IPv4
  • Addon Domain: 02
  • Sub Domain: 15
  • Alias/Park Domains: 15
  • MySQL Database: 02
  • Full Managed
7$ / month
  • Storage: 4.000 MB
  • Bandwidth 100 GB
  • IPv4: 01 IPv4
  • Addon Domain: 04
  • Sub Domain: 25
  • Alias/Park Domains: 25
  • MySQL Database: 05
  • Full Managed
9$ / month
  • Storage 6.000 MB
  • Bandwidth 150 GB
  • IPv4: 02 IPv4
  • Addon Domain: 06
  • Sub Domain: 40
  • Alias/Park Domains: 40
  • MySQL Database: 10
  • Full Managed
22$ / month
  • Storage 10.000 MB
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • IPv4: 02 IPv4
  • Addon Domain: 08
  • Sub Domain: 60
  • Alias/Park Domains: 60
  • MySQL Database: 15
  • Full Managed

The price not included 10% VAT tax. Please contact us for more information.


Easy to initialize

– Easy to install Magento very quickly, you can do the installation yourself or you can use the script of Digital World to install Magento in just a few minutes. – Easily install existing modules and update new modules.
– Easily synchronize data between an existing website with Magento.
– Easily upgrade Magento website with 3rd party services and from system developers.
– Easy to optimize SEO.
– Support many features for professional e-commerce web: email list (email list), wishlist (split
share products list), compare products (compare products) …
– Automatically create smart product filters, customized according to purchase situations.

Outstanding processing speed

– Magento hosting server uses 100% SSD solid-state drive with outstanding advantages.
– Ability to access data extremely fast, large data transmission bandwidth
– Good data protection capability allows to enhance the performance of Magento Hosting compared to Hostings using conventional HDD many times.
– Service infrastructure environment according to international Tier 3 standards with up to 1Gbps transmission line.
– Database (Database) is optimized by experts with experience in Magento.

Multi-layer security

– Core Magento is updated automatically and regularly avoids security risks due to using the old version.
Fight Local Attack with Cloudlinux.
– Connect to the server encrypted data sent / received with SSL / TSL security protocol.
– Prevent the risk of Brute-Force attacks with automatic mechanism.

Backup & Restore

– Magento Hosting in Digital World automatically backs up your website daily. In an emergency, you can restore data with just 1 Click.
– In addition, you can also update at any time so absolutely assured whenever you want to adjust the website.

Outstanding advantages of Magento Hosting in Digital World

– Limited resources CPU, RAM, MySQL, I / O support to expand the features of the website.
– Source and database are stored completely on SSD with RAID 10 technology to speed up data access.
– Each hosting package contains only one website to ensure the stability and security of the website.
– Servers located in Vietnam (VDC / VNPT and Viettel IDC) with commitment of high speed transmission line, powerful DELL hardware.
– 24/7 technical support via switchboard system, phone, ticket and livechat.
– Free data backup for the last 7 days.