• Joomla was launched in 2005. Joomla has quickly been seen as one of the leading CMS platforms. And used by millions of websites around the world. Comes with thousands of free themes and plugins that allow users to build a variety of different websites. Including e-commerce with customized design and user-friendly function.
  • Joomla is a bit more complicated to use than WordPress and there are not many themes or plugins to choose from. However, setting up a website is still relatively easy. When you have taken the time to learn how the program works and become familiar with its structure and terminology. Then managing your website becomes simpler.
  • One of the benefits of Joomla is that it is considered better to manage more complex websites. This is the ideal content management system for community websites with lots of registered users and member websites. One of the key features of joomla is the ability to create different levels of permissions for specific groups of users. Allows you to restrict their access to certain parts of the website. Or let them change it.
  • Joomla is also a great platform for creating social networking sites or integrating networking into other types of websites.
  • In general, Joomla allows you to create more flexible and more structured web pages.


4$ / month
  • Storage: 2.000 MB
  • Bandwidth: 50 GB
  • IPv4: 01 IPv4
  • Addon Domain: 02
  • Sub Domain: 15
  • Alias/Park Domains: 15
  • MySQL Database: 02
  • Full Managed
7$ / month
  • Storage: 4.000 MB
  • Bandwidth: 100 GB
  • IPv4: 01 IPv4
  • Addon Domain: 04
  • Sub Domain: 25
  • Alias/Park Domains: 25
  • MySQL Database: 05
  • Full Managed
9$ / month
  • Storage 6.000 MB
  • Bandwidth 150 GB
  • IPv4: 02 IPv4
  • Addon Domain: 06
  • Sub Domain: 40
  • Alias/Park Domains: 40
  • MySQL Database: 10
  • Full Managed
22$ / month
  • Storage 10.000 MB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • IPv4: 02 IPv4
  • Addon Domain: 08
  • Sub Domain: 60
  • Alias/Park Domains: 60
  • MySQL Database: 15
  • Full Managed

The price not included 10% VAT tax. Please contact us for more information.


Easy to initialize

  • 1-Click Joomla Installation helps you set up Joomla with just one click and manage all settings from one place.
  • 1-Click Joomla Installation is also helpful when it comes to hosting conversions for accounts
    Outstanding processing speed

Joomla Hosting is a professional Web Hosting service for websites using popular open source PHP such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Xenforo, Nukeviet, Opencart, SurgarCRM …

Joomla hosting server uses 100% SSD solid state drive with outstanding advantages.
Extremely fast data retrieval capability, large data transmission bandwidth
Good data protection capability enables Joomla Hosting to improve the performance of Joomla Hosting compared to normal HDD.
The service infrastructure is based on international Tier 3 standards with up to 1Gbps transmission.

The database is optimized by Joomla experts.

  • The system has pre-installed OPcache, Nginx, SuperCache, SEO plugins for the Hosting server system.
  • Server system is configured separately according to the standards for scripts to be installed immediately without intervention server administration.
  • Joomla Hosting system in Digital World uses DELL Server with 2 CPUs Intel Xeon Quad Core with hyper-threading technology with 16 Core & fastest storage technology SSD RAID 10 data security.

Multi-layer security

  • Core Joomla is updated automatically and regularly avoids security risks due to old versions.
  • Fight Local Attack with Cloudlinux.
  • The connection to the server is encrypted data sent / received with SSL / TSL security protocol.
  • Prevent the risk of Brute-Force attacks with automatic mechanism.

Backup & Restore

  • Joomla Hosting in Digital World automatically backs up the website every day. In an emergency, you can restore data with just 1 Click.
  • In addition, you can also update at any time so absolutely assured whenever you want to adjust the website.
  • 24/7 technical support team with the most professional customer support model is applied according to the professional hosting providers in the world.