• Drupal is one of the largest CMS systems in the world, often used for new websites or resource-intensive websites that are intensive and content-rich.
  • Drupal Hosting provided by Digital World always has the latest and most powerful hardware to ensure a fast and stable speed for websites using the Drupal system.
  • The reason you should choose Drupal CMS as your website construction platform:
    • Drupal applies the latest technology
    • Drupal is superior to other CMS
    • Drupal is logically structured
    • Drupal high data security
    • Drupal caching helps speed up the web by 300%
    • Drupal is tested by millions of web developers around the world
    • With just a few taps with the script installer from
    • Digital World, you can install a complete and ready-to-use Drupal system.


4$ / month
  • Storage: 2.000 MB
  • Bandwidth: 50 GB
  • IPv4: 01 IPv4
  • Addon Domain: 02
  • Sub Domain: 15
  • Alias/Park Domains: 15
  • MySQL Database: 02
  • Full Managed
7$ / month
  • Storage: 4.000 MB
  • Bandwidth: 100 GB
  • IPv4: 01 IPv4
  • Addon Domain: 04
  • Sub Domain: 25
  • Alias/Park Domains: 25
  • MySQL Database: 05
  • Full Managed
9$ / month
  • Storage 6.000 MB
  • Bandwidth: 150 GB
  • IPv4: 02 IPv4
  • Addon Domain: 06
  • Sub Domain: 40
  • Alias/Park Domains: 40
  • MySQL Database: 10
  • Full Managed
22$ / month
  • Storage: 10.000 MB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • IPv4: 02 IPv4
  • Addon Domain: 08
  • Sub Domain: 60
  • Alias/Park Domains: 60
  • MySQL Database: 15
  • Full Managed

The price not included 10% VAT tax. Please contact us for more information.


Speed ​​up the Drupal web

Websites developed on the Drupal CMS platform are usually medium to large sized systems, requiring high interoperability between users and servers, so the server hardware of the server is usually large, only Investment costs to operate the website increased month by month, year by year.

Drupal web acceleration is the solution to make the most of the limited resources of existing server hardware, and use software with modern caching technology to speed up your website up to 300% compared to running. in normal mode, thereby helping to optimize resources, reduce operating costs, and bring your web services to users in a sluggish, high-performance manner.

Drupal Web Hosting currently supports this technology in all hosting packages by default for all its customers.

What is caching technology to speed up Drupal web

Caching is the term in software development industry, Vietnamese means caching, is a technological solution aimed at speeding up the application through the method of memorizing, storing processes, structured data or information. The same message repeated several times. By remembering such duplicate requests, requests instead of being sequentially processed in a time-consuming cycle are now truncated and immediately return the previously remembered result in the caching, caching.

Drupal CMS now has many caching layers built from the core and also outside the module classes, but this is not enough and the system will need to have other cache technologies. which we will continue in the following sections.

Application caching classes for Drupal web

For a large Drupal (and non-Drupal) web system to run well, apart from the need for scientific design from the project analysis phase, logical programming, support from technologies Caching is essential, even indispensable.

The website development has released many caching technologies to support. These technologies are installed in many different layers of the web system to optimize server and website resources at the highest possible level.

For Drupal CMS system, the following classes are currently installed and we developed caching technology to optimize website processing speed:

Database layer (MySQL)

This is the most important and decisive place in the whole caching system in general because the characteristics of querying and data processing of Drupal website (medium and large size) are often high. At this caching layer, all queries (requiring database queries) are cached to minimize repetition. Queries that show signs of slowing down the database server are remembered for website managers to analyze and improve as needed. In particular, all processing, results returned, etc. are directly memorized into RAM, which is the fastest access speed, to return results to users when required.

Application programming source code layer (PHP)

This is the second most important layer in the process of speeding up the website. In addition to programming code to be logical, save system resources, we all know, PHP is a high-level programming language that operates on the principle of compilation, when required to run, the entire source code will be translated. to machine code. For large systems, it is obvious that this significantly slows down the processing speed of requests that return results. To minimize or even eliminate this time delay, caching opcode technology allows you to translate PHP source code only once without having to recompile it in subsequent times (unless the source code changes).

HTTP class

The HTTP layer is where the gateway communicates between the web server (IIS or Apache) and the command that requests information from the user (POST, GET). Here, the caching system has the ability to remember user requests and as a result, the web pages return from the server to process. Thus, in this way, caching technology has completely eliminated the database processing and PHP greatly increases the website speed.

Web source class

This is the last layer in the entire caching class of a website system. This is the time when the entire web page including HTML, CSS, Javascript and images is being exported to return to the user’s browser. The caching system will now optimize and compress the entire source code to reduce the size of the site to the maximum, thereby increasing the download speed of the site. This caching layer is especially effective when users access the website on weak Internet links or via phone.

Install caching classes for the Drupal website

You do not need to know the technical details related to installing and configuring Drupal caching system. All Drupal websites that use our Drupal Web Hosting service are installed and configured by default for all these caching classes.