We support 24/7 whether you’re on vacation or in the office. We will install your servers with updates or repairs as needed. If you get hacked, or your server could lose control, just call us and we’ll help!

Our packages will allow you to reduce the management costs associated with your server, provide you with backup space, track, software uptime and allow you to feel It’s safe to know that someone is always there to help you in an emergency.

Fully support customers with the services in the “Free server management service”.

For the fee-charging server service, Digital World supports the following additional administration operations:

Install and configure services of web server, mail server, database server, file server:

  • Use the software Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Exim, Postfix or similar on Linux.
  • Optimize configuration based on current usage and server resources.
  • Support for surveys and advice on the use of solutions that Digital World currently has.
  • Support for maintenance services deployed from the Digital World solution set that customers have purchased.
  • Check and detect errors web server, mail server, database server, file server installed by Digital World.

Backup configuration settings:

  • Support configuring backup data, source code website, MySQL database periodically by minute / hour / day / week / month … at the request of customers (only applicable to Linux / Unix operating systems).
  • The backup data will be stored on your own VPS / private server.
  • If you use Windows operating system or want to store backups on dedicated storage server, please use Digital World’s Remote backup service.
  • Transfer data from other providers to service packages in Digital World.
  • Update or upgrade the software periodically or at the request of the customer.
  • Support to restore data from duplicates (if any) to restore website operation.


  • Support checking and finding malicious code on website by automatic tool.
  • Support to check and identify attack methods based on logs or traces on the system.
  • Support configuration of layer 3 firewall and web application firewall in layer 7 to limit / prevent attacks.
  • Note: In case of a severe DDOS attack, your website / application may be accessed more slowly than usual.

Source-related issues:

  • Support for configuration to ensure the server is compatible with the source code if moved to another location.
  • Support to check and localize errors related to source code when operating.
  • Offer suggestions to customers to optimize the source code themselves.

Provide automatic tracking system:

  • Track services on VPS / Server and resource usage of each service.
  • Historical statistics about the level of resources used to plan a reasonable optimization.
  • Send automatic alerts (via email) when problems occur to the Digital World technical team and customers if required.
  • Digital World prioritizes troubleshooting when there is a warning from the Digital World system or when there is a notice from the customer.

Coordinate with customers:

  • Digital World will retain the highest administrator account information.
  • Digital World is responsible for notifying customers of changes if any.
  • Customer should notify Digital World of any server or source updates where applicable.

Issues outside the scope of support:

  • Installing software that violates copyright or law.
  • Interfering directly with the website source code of customers to fix errors that are not caused by servers.
  • Customer violates the terms of service of Digital World.


  • Digital World will not be responsible for security vulnerabilities that have not been disclosed as a temporary remedy or patched by the manufacturer.
  • Digital World is not responsible for the data inside VPS / private servers, customers need to have their own data backup policy.
  • Digital World does not support data recovery on virtual servers VPS / private servers if the data has been deleted / corrupted.
  • Digital World only performs technical operations, provides documentation from the manufacturer (if any), does not explain or guide how to perform detailed configuration.