With DIGITAL WORLD, you can do it all yourself without waiting for us to intervene or we’ll help you if you want us to manage it!

No need for a registration form when registering online and making online payment or bank transfer;

Each domain name has a separate management page for that domain name at:

Customers can register for themselves or request a free Domain Name Management Account at with the following services:

  • Manage accounts and update account information
  • Manage the entire list of domain names and associated services
  • Whois service
  • Look up, manage and update all information about your domain name
  • Deposit money into your account to perform all services on domain names such as:
    • Domain name registration
    • Domain name extension
    • Change the DNS address for the domain name
    • Register a separate DNS address for a Vietnamese domain name
    • Keep track of transactions made
    • Debt comparison
    • Export to excel for storage
    • Register and manage hosting services
    • Register and manage digital certificates
    • Register and manage VPS, Dedicated server
    • Notice of renewal for domain name owners
    • Get the latest information, notice reminders renew domain names
    • Register and manage DNS zone
    • Perform other additional services such as:
    • Domain lock / unlock
    • Set automatic domain renewal mode
    • Transfer domain names to other customers for management
    • Provide a separate management page for its customers (in the case of agents)
    • And especially there are many tools dedicated to dealers

Completely free DNS server transfer account for Vietnam domain name two in one (DNS and DynDNS and at simultaneously), especially in Vietnam with the following services:

  • Unlimited number of Sub-Domains
  • Unlimited number of E-mail servers
  • Point the domain to another domain
  • Declare NS services
  • Declare google mail service by domain with just 1 click
  • DNS is the only special Vietnamese domain name: both DNS and DynDNS (dynamic DNS), customers can have their own website, separate email on professional servers, and have remote access to computers at many offices in all parts of the world (no quantity limit) and DNS updates through a common administration system (including manual DNS and dynDNS updates when DynDNS client issues). All use Vietnamese domain names to ensure high safety
  • Supported directly from VNNIC
  • Support online 24/7