If you are planning to build a website, immediately register the domain name for your web site. Do not hesitate and hesitate because every day there are over “30,000” internet domain names registered all over the world.

Domain, also known as domain name, is a name consisting of only numbers 0..9 and alpha characters (a, b, c, ..) are used as a separate computer identifier (for example, : Web Server or Mail Server) on the Internet. Domain allows Internet users to type in a name such as or, … to identify instead of an address number. For example, The purpose of the Domain is for users connected to the Internet to find a Website address or send to an email address with a friendly name, easy to remember, … like or without having to Remember the trouble address numbers.

All costs are fixed and no other charges
Please see the price list of domain names here.

Domain information is always publicly available around the world. Unless you use information security services.

Usually the cost to renew is unchanged from the year before you register. But can it vary depending on the price of world domain names, or not? However it is very unlikely.

Locking a domain means not letting anyone take your domain level when the domain has lost its password or email information on someone else takes it. Candles need to move to another place to manage Digital World will unlock for you and completely free.

The domain name Vietnam registered in Digital World is protected by Vietnam’s legal documents. The domain name is completely incapable of being lost due to hackers, viruses or incidents from customers, Digital World, VNNIC, etc.The domain name has been granted to any entity that belongs to that entity. Only the case of using the domain name for purposes of violating the law can lead to the case of domain name withdrawal.

Absolutely OK.

If the domain name is registered in advance at VNNIC, we will renew it as soon as you inform and pay the renewal fee
If the domain name is pre-registered at another place than VNNIC, The Digital Business Department (+ 84-028) 2218.1350 will guide you to fill in the registrar transfer declaration, then will transfer to you. Old registration stamped on is completed the procedure.

From that point on, any domain-related resolution is possible at Digital World.

Under current regulations, Vietnamese domain names are not allowed for sale and purchase.

Domain name registration has many purposes such as building a website to do business, advertising, branding, trading, subleasing, …

You can renew your domain name many years in advance. Maximum every 10 years and at least 1 year.

Transfer domain from other place to Digital World means transferring management rights and extending for 1 year and subsequent years in Digital World with current domain price list in Digital World.

Steps to be done before registering to transfer domain names to Digital World.

  • Check domain is not locked, email information when whois at is your email address.
  • Send registration email to us.
  • After completing the payment, we will send an email to your whois email, then you confirm your agreement to transfer the domain to Digital World Manager, the fastest transfer time is 2 days and no later than 2 weeks.

Registering a domain name in Digital World at a very low cost but still ensuring full of basic features of a domain such as changing Whois information, creating a Name server, Lock / Unlock Domain, forwarding configuration email or domain to any other address …

If the domain name registered in Digital World expires less than 30 days, we can renew it immediately. But if you register elsewhere you must wait 75 days from the date of expiry to register again.

One month before the service expires, Digital World’s customer service begins to remind customers to renew the domain name. During that 1-month period, Digital World staff will remind 3-4 times.

At the time of expiry, your domain name will be suspended, all related activities such as web / email / etc. will be affected. If you want to continue renewing, you must pay the service fee now.

Within 20 days of expiry, the new domain name is actually deleted. Meanwhile, anyone else can register this domain.

To limit the unfortunate things that happen, customers should renew the domain name as soon as they receive notice from Digital World.

Absolutely OK.

You arrive at the place you want to move to procedures, then send the allocation decision to the Digital World office, we will confirm for you to transfer.