In order to build good websites for business purposes, business activities, organizations, one of the very important factors is the need to choose a reputable and quality hosting provider. First, you need to have a background knowledge of Web Hosting to choose for yourself the right hosting service.

Web Hosting is a type of hosting on the Internet that allows visitors to store all Web pages, information, documents, images of the Website on an Internet server. Web Hosting is also the place where all transactions, exchanging information between the Website and Internet users and supporting the active Internet software.

  • Store on a strong server, connect to large bandwidth and high security.
  • Storage capacity and optional flow rate.
  • Support Subdomain, Email by own domain name,
  • Database according to the service pack option.
  • Administration monitoring Server system 24/7.
  • 99.99% Online time commitment.
  • Default backup data weekly or on demand.
  • Cpanel level independent management.

These are utilities for scripting professionals for complex websites. Not all host servers support these scripts.

Bandwidth is the amount of data exchanged between a website and a website user.For example, if you upload your web file a document of 1MB in size and have 100 customers download the file, you consume it. Total 101MB of bandwidth.

Bạn có thể hình dung băng thông là kích thước, bề rộng của con đường xe chạy. Băng thông càng lớn thì cho phép lượng người truy cập cùng một lúc càng lớn, do vậy bạn nên chọn Nhà cung cấp dịch vụ có băng thông lớn. Tại Thế Giới Số, khách hàng sử dụng Web Hosting sẽ được hưởng băng thông Internet Quốc tế và mạng lưới truyền dẫn lớn nhất Việt Nam 34,5 Gbps.

Storage of Web Hosting is the amount of space you are allowed to store your data on the server’s hard drive. If you compare the hire of a similar Web Hosting with finding an office or a working office, the size of Web Hosting can imagine is the area of the entire office you have hired.

  • Unix is an old server system currently used by Vietnamese hosting providers. When hosting on this server, web editors must have a lot of knowledge in writing web pages in HTML, writing pages or writing CGI scripts very hard and must be uploaded by FTP. If you have changed the directory or lost a page, make sure to check all the links to that page. Utilities like counter counts, input form must also be written in CGI language … all have to write separately, very time-consuming as if people have to recreate the wheel.
  • Meanwhile, Windows server is currently well supported because Microsoft tries to provide complete and easy support for users that even non-professionals can create very professional looking websites. One of the features of the server window is that it supports Frontpage extension.Linux is also a good Platfom for web server that supports many utilities like mySQL, ODBC, CGI and Frontpage extention … but be careful. If the Host provider is not familiar with Linux, then your site will flicker based on their web operating skills.
  • First of all, it is about speed. Servers running Web services must be large enough to ensure smooth handling, serving a large number of visitors. Must have high speed connection to ensure no data congestion.
  • Servers must be regularly maintained, updated and maintained by system administrators to avoid technical and security risks.
  • Web Hosting must have a large enough capacity (in MBytes) to store all information, data, images … of the Website.
  • Must have bandwidth (bandwidth) large enough to serve the transaction, information exchange of the Website
  • Must support server access by FTP protocol to update information.
  • Support programming languages as well as databases to implement software on the Internet or pre-written tools to serve transactions on the Website such as sending mail, uploading via Web pages, managing assets products, news …
  • Full support for E-mail services such as POP3 E-mail, E-mail Forwarding, DNS …
  • Has a Web Hosting management interface to easily manage websites, FTP accounts, Email …
  • Do not get the banner ad supplier.
  • Web hosting in Digital World also supports many other features.

If your domain name has been activated, after 30 minutes you sign the contract and pay the fee we will complete the procedure for you.

With each hosting account, you can only host only one website. However, we allow multiple domain names for that website (re-direct domain). That is, when typing the address of these domain names will appear the same website.

Absolutely OK. Please inform about the decision to upgrade Hosting and we will carry out the upgrade for you. The upgrade process will not affect the content and activity on your Website.

When you register a domain name, your domain name must point to the Web Hosting that you register. In case your domain name does not point to the DNS server that you have registered, we will guide, or help you transfer the domain name to the DNS server of the Web Hosting that you are renting.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol – a file transfer protocol on the Internet. When the server supports FTP, you can use FTP software (FTP Client) to connect to the server and upload data files as well as update your website easily.

Web software comes with hosting packages to help customers actively manage and configure the hosting package. This software provides directory management, database, data backup, sub-domain … Sacomtec is using the latest HC7C software of the Hosting Controller to help customers manage their hosting packages effectively and fast.

In case you have not signed up for Hosting, Digital World will support 1 DNS for the Domain name you have registered to avoid the case that your Domain name is not pointing anywhere. So in case you need support, please contact us so you get the best service at a reasonable cost.

The link between Domain name and Hosting to create a foundation for the Website requires an intermediary element on the Internet, which is DNS Name Servers (name resolution servers).

Hosting service at Digital World will provide a separate DNS to do the task of linking the Domain name to the Hosting you have registered. When you sign up for Hosting service of Digital World, we will provide you with the IP address and sequence for you to point your Domain name to as follows:


Once you have these IP addresses and ranges, you only need to declare it in your Domain name management system (enter the IP address or range or both, as required).

We will refund 100% of the amount we have received provided: the reason you are not satisfied is right or you do not violate our terms of service.

You should make a statistical table of specifications, fees and service providers. From there, make a comprehensive comparison to assess which is the best supplier for your needs.