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cPanel is a management system dedicated to the website host, cPanel® is a trademark owned by cPanel, Inc.

cPanel has many powerful features and gives administrators the ability to intervene deeply and more accurately to the server resource resource regulation settings.

The features of cPanel system are divided into 2 levels: agent account and root account (the highest).

The level division allows administrators to filter out unnecessary or less used functions in a frequently used management interface and also serve the purpose of training for new users.

We are the first and only agent of cPanel in Vietnam. With a team of technically knowledgeable Linux and cPanel systems, Digital World can best support our customers.

Dedicated Server52$600$

Leading Web Hosting administration application for servers running Windows Server operating system.

Parallels Plesk is the best and most economical solution for managing Servers, Virtual Servers (VPS) and Hosting. Plesk is Parallels’ world leading professional hosting management software trusted by many Server, VPS, Web Hosting, Domain service providers. High automation features help businesses reduce costs and time in management, investment in equipment and manpower.

Plesk is a server management system developed by Parallels, can operate on 2 Window & Linux operating systems, thanks to the flexibility and diversification in the operating structure on common operating systems, Plesk has Strongly developed and selected by many businesses for server management solutions, the management system is clearly decentralized, along with the ability to secure and intervene deeply into the system, making it easy for plesk to manage and distribute. user-level, with vista-friendly management interface, plesk is increasingly asserting its position and number one in server management today.

Parallels Plesk 12 Editions

Four new versions of Parallels Plesk 12 are designed to help infrastructure vendors build solutions that target Web administrators, application developers, Web design professionals, and vendors. hosting service level.

Each version is optimized and simplified for monitoring and managing the operation of the Web as well as traffic at the Web and application storage infrastructure.

Parallels Plesk 12 closely combines management elements with security tools to be able to use it better for the increasing demands of WordPress Hosting.

All versions of Parallels Plesk 12 have built-in security features from Server to Site to make it safer and save support costs.

Parallels Plesk 12

We offer Plesk 12 for monthly payments. With the recent release of Plesk 12, this is the perfect opportunity to enhance your current hosting environment.

4 versions of Plesk 12 are designed to help infrastructure providers create strategic solutions for web administration, application deployment, professional web hosting and hosting.

Each version contains web management functions to fit the infrastructure being used as web hosting and web applications today.

Parallels Plesk 12 also includes a management suite and security tools to suit your WordPress hosting development needs.

All versions are added to the server-to-site security suite, towards the appropriate infrastructure and reduced support costs.

Web Host Edition
Unlimited domains for hosting and reselling unmanaged sites. Includes advanced reseller management.
575,000 vnđ / month1,0350,000 vnđ /month
Web Pro Edition
Up to 30 domains for hosting customer sites. Includes WordPress Toolkit.
345,000 vnđ /month345,000 vnđ /month
Plesk Power Pack144,000 vnđ /month345,000 vnđ /month
Web Admin Edition
Up to 10 domains for hosting your own sites.
230,000 vnđ / tháng230,000 vnđ / tháng
Web Host Edition with CloudLinux
Bundled with CloudLinux to set per-package limits and create multiple up-sell opportunities.
805,000 vnđ / tháng1,265,000 vnđ / tháng
Web Pro Edition with CloudLinux
Not all websites are created equal. Use CloudLinux to give some customer sites more resources or add restrictions as needed.
575,000 vnđ /month 575,000 vnđ /month


The strength of DirectAdmin is the ability to optimize management, use less resources and high security. Before installing DirectAdmin, you must ensure that the VPS is licensed to DirectAdmin.

In addition, it has a version for VPS that is as functional as the Server version, but is optimized to run with less memory, for DirectAdmin, you can install on any type of virtual machine and enjoy the lowest royalties for VPS.

VPS400.000 VNĐ2.100.000 VNĐ
Dedicated Server500.000 VNĐ2.100.000 VNĐ
 Lifetime2.500.000 VNĐ

Cloud Linux is the first * Nix operating system, designed specifically for web hosting needs, especially for the needs of Hosting Providers.

Cloud Linux uses LVE technology (Lightweight Virtual Environments) to create a breakthrough in the management and sharing of server resources for user accounts.

On CloudLinux, customers are limited to% CPU Load resources.

Normally with CentOS, a user can run 99.9% of the CPU for the website process, but here, this number is limited by the configuration of the provider. This is to ensure that your hosting, website, and rental costs will not be affected by someone on the same server, even in the case of small and medium DDOS attacks.

5 reasons why you do not need CloudLinux:

  1. You can fix server issues anytime at just 5 minutes.
  2. Your customers are not interested in website activity or disruption.
  3. You make sure your server is super secure.
  4. Your websites only need a single PHP version.
  5. You do not want to increase customer density on your server.
VPS / Server400.000 VNĐ4.800.000 VNĐ

LiteSpeed ​​webserver (LSWS) is one of the fastest and most efficient Linux-based webserver, through a long development process (from 2002) to date has confirmed the ability to handle Outperforming Apache, the static file processing speed of LSWS can be 6 times faster than Apache, the PHP processing speed on LSWS can be increased from 1.5 times to 3 times that of Apache.

With good management of CPU / Memory resources is one of the outstanding advantages of Litespeed even in the case of websites with large traffic, flexibility in switching from Apache webserver to Litespeed webserver, reducing bottlenecks due to Apache’s inability to handle large amounts of traffic at the same time.

Scalability: solution when demand is higher, with full management and monitoring features, easy to use on the web base interface, Litespeed webserver is one of the best options for home users. Website hosting providers can exploit server infrastructure effectively.

Compatibility: LSWS is compatible with most popular server management software such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, H-Sphere, ISPConfig, LxAdmin and more.

High protection: Litespeed Webserver is the best choice to mitigate denial of service attacks like DDoS and limit many other potential security holes.

Litespeed – Enterspire02 GB500400.000 vnđ
Litespeed – Ultra08 GB800500.000 vnđ
Litespeed – 02 CPUUnlimitedUnlimited 1.100.000 vnđ
Litespeed – 04 CPU Unlimited Unlimited2.200.000 vnđ