The collaborator program at Digital World was born to meet your needs with the following elements:

  • You often get questions about where hosting services are good.
  • Your friends often need to hire hosting services, you do not know what to choose and use the service provider.
  • You want to register for the service but do not want to make a deposit first.
  • You are passionate about business and do not want to do a part-time job: 8 am to the office and 17h to return.
  • You don’t want to be under pressure on monthly sales.

Being a collaborator of Digital World, you will enjoy the following privileges:

  • Update product information, the fastest service.
  • Meet and interact with many potential customers.
  • Can work at the company, at home, at the cafe, at school or anywhere.
  • Use high speed internet at the company.
  • Learn about the latest technologies in Digital World as well as experience the first service in Digital World before the service is offered to the market.
  • Get support for information and policies by the collaborator management department quickly.
  • Opportunity to become a full-time salesperson of Digital World with more privileges.
  • Special: get a commission on every contract brought back for all services.

To become a Digital World contributor, you need the following:

  • Passionate about business
  • Having basic knowledge in hosting, domain, VPS, server leasing and server hosting, SSL, web design
  • Prior to using Digital World service
  • If you meet the above conditions, please prepare your CV to email to have us schedule an interview.