CDN Video On Demand (CND Video On Demand (VoD) service of CDN Video On Demand helps customers reach customers in all regions by transferring content without spending a lot of investment costs, reducing the time for deploying VoD network CDN, performance management and monitoring are all supported by CDN Video On Demand.

Customers often use services such as: Media companies, television stations, e-learning organizations, online news, … With VoD solution from CDN Video On Demand, businesses will enjoy many benefits. Useful:

  • Provides service to users with large coverage
  • The transmission protocol is suitable for all popular devices on the market
  • Supports Adaptive Bitrate (ABR)
  • Secure transmission content
  • Increase sales by selling digital content customers demand.

Charging plan:

The video will be stored on the customer’s server (acting as the Original Server): Total monthly bandwidth.

Videos are stored on CDN’s storage system: Common use by month + Storage.
Raw file storage on CDN service: Total bandwidth used by month + Storage + Transcoding service (calculated by transcode hour).