The saying “modern is harmful” is increasingly true as the graphics technology, digital content is increasingly advanced, the size of the content files increases, CDN File Download Optimization offers a solution to transfer the files and efforts to end-users always have the best experience with the services of your business. The key point in this solution is the storage system, CDN File Download Optimization Service, which allows customers to store, retrieve files and transfer files to a large number of users, in the form of a large cluster. , consisting of small “pieces”.

Usually for digital content (e.g. movies) very long duration, but rarely end-user see all. Therefore, businesses only need to store (cache) at CDN File Download Optimization Services the content requested by the end-user. In this way, businesses and media companies will stream the content in a more reasonable way.

The salient features of CDN File Download Optimization Service:

Media Download: Assuming a 60 minute movie, but usually users only watch about the first 10 minutes, the FDO feature of CDN File Download Optimization Service will allow businesses to “caching” those important contents without Must the whole movie.

File Download: Typically when the User downloads a 5 GB file, then stops, 30 minutes later they continue to download. Depending on the parts that have been downloaded, CDN File Download Optimization Service will only send requests, request the parts that have not been downloaded without having to request the whole file. This feature will increase the level of business users significantly.