Caching is a temporary storage mechanism that speeds up the website when users visit the website or transfer content to the end user. In the CDN network, there are many servers that store many copies of Rich Media content such as audio, video, images and other basic content at many points in the system and will handle them immediately upon request from users. The user requests will be met by the nearest CDN server which has been cached content, saving time and reducing traffic for the network.

CDN Cache service is suitable for customers who are media companies, online service providers always need to improve the user’s continuous experience, help them download content faster and fit most devices. devices, even have to meet the requirements even though the bandwidth of the user is very low.

With the Caching solution of CDN Cache service, customers can be assured that their media system is always operating with high performance, meeting the needs of accessing 24/7 content of users, attracting customers with IPTV and for most devices on PC or Mobile are compatible and of course the network of CDN Cache will also be confidential in content and information for partners. Customers can also increase revenue by selling content to another party or increasing subscriber significantly.

CDN service also supports ABR – Adaptive Bit-Rates, transcoding content suitable for most devices, whether PC or mobile.