It is very easy to upgrade a VPS. You only send requests to us for assistance with upgrading VPS servers on request. Your server system will temporarily stop working to upgrade and automatically resume later. This does not interrupt the applications running on your server.

This depends entirely on the amount of data stored on your system. Upgrades are usually completed within a few minutes, but switching to lower packages can take up to an hour.

TGS VPS system provides very easy for you to run the installation or software applications already installed, but to manage well, you need to know some knowledge and experience to use them. However, this is not a general management service for all customers. You will be solely responsible for maintaining the server you are using. We therefore recommend that you take the time to learn to gain a basic understanding of Linux administration.

You can host any service you like from your server, including web hosting, Rails application, or even Asterisk open source system application on IP system. You will have the highest (admin) access to the server, so there is no limit to the application software to run with your server, as long as it doesn’t violate our terms of service.

There is no limit to how many services, domains, or applications you can run from a Cloud server. However, you need to make sure that the resources are allocated enough to deal with the services provided that you expect.

After you have configured the default backup on the system, it will be automatically backed up every day, and stored every week and every month, so you will always have the opportunity to get the latest backup on the server. that you have in case of an unexpected problem or problem.

If you break your system, you can quickly get it running again by restoring a recent backup, or by deleting it and creating a new server with a new installation.

You can create a new VPS at any time from our server templates.

All data is stored on a SAN RAID10, and if you have enabled backup for your system, the data will be stored from the main data center.

All systems are automatically configured with a unique IP address.

We do not manage databases on servers. Creating a MySQL database on the server is relatively quick and simple, giving you full control over your database.

We recommend that you configure iptables on all servers, as well as daily updates with the version to fix errors to keep your system safe.

We currently support Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

The CPU is the unit of resources of a computer microprocessor, measured in the speed of a virtual kernel on the microprocessor. For example, a processor has 4 real cores, with Hyper Threading technology, the processor has 8 CPUs (4 real + 4 virtual cores from HT technology).

CPU Priority là thông số tài nguyên tính theo % tốc độ xử lý của bộ vi xử lý tính trên một nhân ảo (%)

TGS commits maximum network bandwidth as follows: domestic 100Mbps and international 10Mbps.

In case you want to upgrade one or several types of resources to be higher than the quota of resource packages being used, please send the technical support ticket to TGS to request conversion to a higher package. The upgrade cost is as follows:
Upgrade fee = Conversion fee + Service difference fee (In which, conversion fee will be completely free).