Domain name is the identifier of website on the Internet. Domain names are often associated with the company name and brand of the business. The domain name is unique and will be prioritized for all who register first.


  • Domain name registration declaration (for Vietnamese domain names).
  • Contract to provide domain registration service.
  • Copy of ID card (for individuals)


  • Responsibilities of domain name registrars
  • Domain name registrants must be fully responsible before law for the use purposes and accuracy of information provided, ensure that domain name registration and use comply with regulations and do not infringe upon rights. , legitimate interests of other organizations and individuals.
  • The domain name registrant is responsible for managing and maintaining the right to use its domain name and must be responsible for any violations of the use of its domain name due to loose management. cause.
  • The domain name registrant is responsible for managing and monitoring information about the status of operation and validity of the registered domain name.
  • In any case, the domain name no longer paying the maintenance fee when it is due will be automatically suspended and revoked as prescribed.


  • Whenever there is a change of contact information related to the operation and management of domain names such as work address, billing address, email address, phone number, fax number, domain name manager , who is responsible for payment, payment email, etc. … the domain name registrant must fill in the changes in the “Domain name change form” and send it to Digital World.
  • The domain name registrar is solely responsible when notifications from Digital World do not arrive at the correct address due to the failure to update contact information promptly, resulting in the loss of the domain name. When receiving the domain name change declaration, Digital World is responsible for updating such changes information into its customer database and sending such change information to Vietnam Internet Network Information Center, China. Internet center of Vietnam will update all information into the management database of the domain name.


  • Newly registered domain names must be fully paid registration fee (collected only once) and domain maintenance fee (collected annually, minimum is 01 year, encouraged to submit for many years) right after submitting the application. . When the payment of fees and charges is not complete, the domain name will not be registered.
  • Domain name registrants must take the initiative in coordinating to complete the procedures for signing domain name extension contracts and pay maintenance fee before 01 month expiry of domain name use.
  • Domain maintenance fee may be paid once for many years or for each year.
  • The expired domain name will be temporarily suspended. If the registrant still needs to use, he / she must complete the maintenance fee payment within the time limit for the payment of allowable fee (as stipulated by Vietnam Internet Network Information Center in accordance with each period). After the extension, the domain name without paying the maintenance fee will be deleted for other registrants.
  • Currently, the time to extend the fee for maintaining the fee set by Vietnam Internet Network Information Center is 30 days from the date the domain name expires.

When paying maintenance fees, domain name registrants must provide all information on:

  • The name of the domain name registrar.
  • Pay for any domain name.
  • Number of years maintained for each domain.
    If not providing sufficient information leading to the domain name registrar,
  • Digital World does not determine the fee paid for the domain name, it is considered that the domain name has not been paid maintenance fee. In this case, the domain name registrar shall be solely responsible if the domain name has been deactivated or deleted. These unidentified funds will be returned.