CDN Vietnam – Content Delivery Network service is a network of servers that are deployed in many different Data Centers. The goal of CDN is to help businesses specializing in providing services via the Internet to serve End-User with high availability and stability. CDN is used to distribute a variety of digital content, including the Web (text, images and scripts), downloadable objects (Media files, software, documents), Applications, live-stream media , and the whole social network.

The CDN service is clearly the backbone of the internet world in transferring content. Whether or not we know its existence, we are interacting with the CDN every day. While shopping online, reading the newspaper, watching Youtube, or even reading this post. CDN also has a mechanism to ensure that customers can manage their own End-user through security based on geographical location or individual IP.

No matter what you do or use, you will still see the presence of the CDN Vietnam Service behind every text, image pixel and every video transferred to your browser and PC. CDN system with many servers is located in the Data Center to help businesses minimize latency – delay (latency), thus improving the user experience significantly.

CDN Vietnam service also supports ABR – Adaptive Bit-Rates, transcoding content suitable for most devices, whether PC or mobile.